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How to Lay Tiles On Walls

Have you planned to design your house or business premises with wall tiles? If so, you have made a wise choice to decorative your house or business, but make yourself more wiser by knowing some of the laying instruction of tiles on walls so that you can judge whether tiles has been laid properly. Here are the instructions that you should know before laying tiles on walls.

Simbel Wall Tiles

  • First the surface to be tiled should be plaster with mortar, by mixing sand and  cement in the ratio 1:3).

  • Then, a cement mortar should be prepared by mixing cement sand and water and forming a thick paste. It shoudl be spreaded on the back side of the tile after wetting the tile with  sponge.

  • Backside of the tile should be made wet with water and remember that complete immersion of water is not required. 

  • Depending upon the shape of the tiles, the right angles for the area should be set and the first tile should be placed along the right angle lines and it should be placed on a base mortar. Then it should be tapped gently only with a rubber or wooden mallet to obtain perfect levels. 

  • The area on which the tiles are laid should not be used for atleast 24 hours. The joints should be filled with pointing material which is a mixture of white cement and desired color pigment. To get higher quality of finishes you can use a polymer based cementitous tilling joint filler like Roffe rainbow only if requried. 

  •  Remember that pointing material should not be applied all over the surface and allow pointing material to set for 15 minutes and then clean the surface of the tile with a clean wet sponge, removing the excess pigment on the tile surface.

  • To obtain a clean surface, just wash the surface in which the tiles were laid with soap water or with mild detergent and then wipe it. 

Hope, you got some tips on laying instruction for wall tiles. Make sure that the person who lay the tiles follow it and make your place attractive with excellent designer tiles quality. 

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