Ultra Tile Pvt. Ltd is India’s largest manufacturer of Designer Tiles with the annual production capacity of 30 million sq.ft

Designer Tiles with Test Values and Specifications

Being India's Largest Designer Tiles Manufacturer, Ultratile have done various tests and surpasses the standards specified in IS 1237, DIN No.51094, ASTM E303, ISO 10545, ASTM E1980, EN410 and IS 516 for heavy duty tiles.  Designer Tiles being tested assure you the quality of tiles  and ultratile have achieved good test results as per IS standards and specifications. Below are the test results of ultra tiles 

  • Skid Resistance, As per ASTM, E303 shall not be less then 25. Our test results achieved    always more then 45. 

  • As per DIN 51094 color change should not be there. No color change observed in our product.

  • All our Designer tiles have good impact resistance by/co-efficient of restitution.

  • As per IS Specification , the flatness of the tile have  not exceeded 1mm(IS 1237).

  • Abrasion/ Wear Resistance is much below the required rate of 3.5mm for non heavy duty and 2 mm for heavy duty flooring.

  • Water Absorption (%) is much below maximum of 10% allowed in IS 1237.

Ultra Designer Tiles have not yet finish their testing process and we are continuing the test process for each and every new type of designer tiles.

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sunheart said...

I am prefer to follow IS Specification for best tiles. If you wish to build export quality and be a reputed Floor Tiles Manufacturer then you should follow the guidelines.

Govind Mitharan said...

Designed Tiles are more preferred in all home. Now a day Duplicate also sales in some shops how i measured the duplicates. Cookscape

Bhoomi Patel said...

Tiles are rectangular or square pieces of hard material usually made of ceramic that is used to cover the internal walls, floors and even the exterior roof of residential and corporate buildings. Glazed tiles usually used for interiors have become quite the rage in modern architecture. Though found in contemporary designs, the use of ceramic tiles as complex mosaic has been in use in different architectural marvels found in history. In recent times, the use of Digital tiles for interior decoration has won great favour amongst the aesthetically inclined urban population.

Anamika Sharma said...

Nice blog! thanks for sharing your informative views about designer tiles with us.

Inspiration Flooring said...

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PremierGarage said...

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Aripan Design said...

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